Abel's 6N6 Challenge

IN A SPAN OF SIX MONTHS, I ran six marathons, built a haunted house, grew & shaved an epic beard, threw a concert, held a 7-minute plank, hosted a celebrity auction, sold t-shirts, ate 96 cookies in an hour, and raised over $15,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and an additional $5,000 for various local non-profits. I then served on the LLS's "Man & Woman of the Year" committee, where I helped create and coach "Run Team Kina" with musician Kina Grannis. Together, the participants of RTK raised an astounding $72,000 in ten weeks. Now I work in TV comedy, spend my free-time drawing and writing, and would love to hear from you.

"Flight vs. Bike" & the $7000 Tweet

This weekend, LA experienced the much hyped “Carmageddon.” In a brilliant and wasteful act of publicity,  JetBlue offered $4 flights across the city.  A group of bicyclists countered by saying they could beat the plane.  Here’s a great, little story of environmental awareness from the event that somehow snuck under the radar.

(Bonus fact: Tang’s is my neighborhood doughnut shop, and everyone who works there is delightful)

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    This is a fantastic carmageddon story! I am now on the brink of getting a bike for myself, again, at long last. Thank...
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    Really awesome of Santa Monica Airlines skate shop owner Anthony Converse to sell his car in order to make good on his...