Abel's 6N6 Challenge

IN SIX MONTHS, I... ran six marathons, built a haunted house, grew & shaved a beard, threw a concert, held a 7-minute plank, hosted a celebrity auction, sold shirts, ate 96 cookies in an hour, and raised over $15,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and an additional $5,000 for various local non-profits. I then served on the LLS's "Man & Woman of the Year" committee, where I helped create and coach "Run Team Kina" with musician Kina Grannis. Together, the participants of RTK raised an astounding $72,000 in ten weeks. Now I work in TV, spend my free-time drawing and writing, & would love to hear from you.

Happy Fourth of Ju-Pie!

Hope the last two days of Independence celebrations haven’t worn you out too much, because today’s the grand finale!  For your enjoyment, here’s the Funny or Die video the Tremendosaur guys shot in my backyard last weekend. (Fun fact: I drew the new logo that makes an appearance at the end).  AMERICA!

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