Abel's 6N6 Challenge

IN A SPAN OF SIX MONTHS, I ran six marathons, built a haunted house, grew & shaved an epic beard, threw a concert, held a 7-minute plank, hosted a celebrity auction, sold t-shirts, ate 96 cookies in an hour, and raised over $15,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and an additional $5,000 for various local non-profits. I then served on the LLS's "Man & Woman of the Year" committee, where I helped create and coach "Run Team Kina" with musician Kina Grannis. Together, the participants of RTK raised an astounding $72,000 in ten weeks. Now I work in TV comedy, spend my free-time drawing and writing, and would love to hear from you.

Two notes for you on race day…

Going through some paperwork last week, I came across two notes my friend Hilary gave to me before a 5k awhile back.  One was labeled, “If you win,” and the other, “If you lose,” and I was instructed to not open either until after the race.

The 5k ended up being kind of a bust, as uninformed volunteers sent half of us front runners on an extra quarter mile loop.  In the confusion that followed, I was awarded 3rd place, even though I was certain I hadn’t done better than 5th.  As the only runner wearing a Garmin, though, I had a verifiable time at the 5k mark and was an agreeable compromise for the governing bodies.

I felt a bit dirty walking off with an award.  I had legitimately both won and lost, so I opened both notes:

I really got a kick out of these, so I kept ‘em.  Its the mentality everyone should always have.  You have no one to disappoint but yourself.  You have no one to impress but yourself.

Best of luck to everyone running today.  No matter the outcome, you are awesome.

  1. mar-kicksass said: Was that the 4Her Life 5K? Oh, that race was soooo disorganized. :)
  2. chocolatecocoaaddict said: Good Luck Today!
  3. mrsfitwatcher said: GOOD LUCK TODAY, ABEL! Love and hugs!!
  4. shortmom said: good luck today, hope the rain holds off!
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